April 1, 2012

We've Been "Egged"

Well, My house got "egged" yesterday! 

And the culprit was one of my best friends and 2 of her kiddos!

A while back I saw this print from Eighteen 25 on Pinterest and thought it was too cute and such a fun idea.  (By the way, you can download the print FREE here)  Then I was lucky enough to have someone egg us : )
My boys LOVED this spontaneous egg hunt!  I had a heads up that this would be happening during nap time.  So when my hubby got home from a meeting I let the boys run out to meet him.  Since I knew the eggs were out there I was ready with their buckets and the camera!


It didn't take the boys long to realize there were treats inside the eggs! It's funny to see their different personalities come out at times like this. Big man picked up a couple of eggs and was ready to sit down and see what was inside. Little man went as fast as he could to collect as many eggs as would fit in his bucket before he was ready to call it quits. 

Can you tell that right after this picture was taken we went inside to watch the Kentucky game? 

 Hope your Saturday was as fun as ours was!  You still have time...go egg a friends house!!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm inspired

Amy E

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